Once You Look up From The Screen

Hey Beautifuls!

Long time no see, huh?

I can’t help thinking this being a little bit ironic, since I ended my previous post with the words: “see you soon”. Well, I’m sorry, but I hope you’ve been well and that you’ve had a great Christmas and New Years and everything else that has been happening since last time. I know I have, and I guess that is the main reason why I haven’t exactly been around recently. I’ve encountered new things in life that has made me forget about the computer. Long story short, I happened to look up from the screen to go and explore the world beyond it. And I tell you, I found some pretty awesome things…

Every New Years, the churches around the neighborhood arrange an annual ski-camp for teenagers between 13 and 17 years old. Me, now being 19, accompanied as a leader, but also as a member of the band playing on the evening services. In this band, there was a certain guy which I got to know during this week. And he, well… There is no way to make this sound not-cliche: get ready to hear something real cheesy!

This guy is just as sweet as you’d picture the sweetest guy on earth being. He is loving and caring and when somebody seems a little blue, he always make sure to check in on them. His eyes are in the most beautiful light brown color, and every time he looks at me I feel like I’m about to melt (not to mention when he smiles). When he’s not around I miss him, but when I’m right next to him I wanna be even closer. It’s crazy!

One morning, our band was gonna wake the teenagers up. Since he and this other guy from the band was sleeping in a separate room where nobody would mind the alarm start ringing, he got to wake me up so that no one else in our room would wake up. I remember feeling a gentle hand on my shoulder and then somebody whispering my name (now here comes the cheese, Beautifuls…), and when I opened my eyes to meet his beautiful face, I knew that vision was the vision I would want to be the first thing to see every morning for the rest of my life. So, I haven’t known this guy for more than a month and now I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him? – True.

I have never felt anything like this before. It’s like when he talks about the future, I see myself sharing it with him. When I’m thinking of what I want to do this fall, go back to studying or keep working, I always have him in mind. I think of him as my life partner, which is totally insane because it’s not even set if he looks at me in the same way as I look at him or not. It just, it feels right, given even. As if it is ment to be… Sorta like I imagine love being in the movies! That’s why I’m also afraid it is too good to be true, and that I’m about to get seroiusly hurt.

But how could it ever feel so right if it wasn’t? No, there’s got to be something there. However, things ain’t gonna happen on their own. It’s time to face it that if you’re gonna win you’re gonna have stop dreaming and go out there, be brave and take risks! AND: look up from the screen once in a while! Because Beautifuls, your babe is out there, either you’ve found him/her or not. But you may not get a second chance, so seize the moment and don’t let anybody else get there first! For all you know you may give something amazing up. You wouldn’t wanna risk that, would you?

So Be Brave, Beautifuls! Be spontaneous and take risks! What have you even got to lose? Nothing! Only lots to win… ♥︎

Live your life as if it’s worth something. Because it is…
Your Lissy



How to Get Rid of Stage Fright!

Hello Beautifuls!

Did you know that the first time I was gonna enter a stage, I felt sick for two weeks before the actual date of action? Did you know I felt even more sick being up there, so that I never wanted to do it again? And did you know, that I decided to do it anyways, despite my fear? Let’s just say I didn’t like having stage fright and I knew there would be two ways to get rid of it: 1. Never do anything in front of people, or 2. BEAT IT. Being a musician, the audience is kind of a big deal, so you might guess what I did.

I know it sounds like a piece of cake, putting it like this, but it really isn’t. Trust me, I’m aware of that. But I happen to believe that if you only have faith you can move mountains, and if you have a great deal of willpower you could overcome any fear you’d like! Actually, that’s where I started: setting my attitude. Then what? I’ll tell ya!

In my case, I’d be most likely to appear on stage while singing, playing the piano or doing an oral presentation in school. Every time I got the chance to perform, I took it. It’s no secret that the more you do something, the better you get at it. This goes with stage performances as well, and I was willing to believe that if I only did it many times, eventually the fear would go away.

It’s clever to start a little earlier on the road if your insecure, though. To me, it was much easier to talk or sing in front of people if the crowd wasn’t too big and if I had somebody with me. Thereby, I started with group presentations, choirs and bands. Then, when I’d feel safe in these situations, I would perform in even smaller groups until I’d be ready to stand on my own two feet. It is important to remember that while trying something new that includes leaving your comfort zone, it will be scary, but if you want to develop you must do things that scares you as well. But the fine part is that once you’ve developed, it won’t be scary any longer!


After having been on stage a few times, I started noticing certain “side effects”. Usually my voice would start trembling and so would my hands, I would begin sweating, my cheeks would get red (although actually my entire face) and ultimately the anxiety over what I have already mentioned would make me forget the lyrics or what I had planned to say. These five things combined would be the worst scenario imaginable. If I wouldn’t have to worry about any of this it would have been perfect… Do you know what? It’s all about the preparations!

Are your hands shaking? Move them! Gesticulate! If you’re not comfortable with that, then use a lectern or a table where you could put your hands! Your voice trembling? Use your stomach! All singers know how important it is to be in touch with your stomach while singing – the same goes while talking! You’re face turning red? – Hello? MAKE-UP! (It’s true – I applied a skin colored powder every time I was gonna perform, because I knew that if the audience wouldn’t think of my red cheeks, nor would I!) Blackout? Try memorizing the text or the lyrics until you could tell it in your sleep, otherwise use key words and main points!

Of course, misfortunes could happen no matter how well prepared you are. However, if the performance didn’t go the way you wanted, don’t see it as a defeat – see it as a healthy experience which you can learn from. Next time you’ll do it differently, simple as that!

A friend of mine began with holding a presentation in front of one person only. First, they would be sitting, then they would both be standing up and lastly she would be standing and the other person would be sitting. It could also be a good idea to practice with people you already know, such as friends or family members. It’s nice to know the audience won’t judge you. Besides, it’s also

So, what did I say really? Well, I thought I’d might as well sum up. These are my tips:

  1. Set the right attitude. You can do it and you want to!
  2. Start where you’re comfortable and carefully move away from your comfort zone. Take baby steps if you may! What matters is that your moving forward!
  3. Be prepared and be so a long time in advance. Don’t write your speech the night before it’s supposed to be held, write it a week before.
  4. Don’t let a bad performance bring you down. Analyze it and learn from it so that you can do better next time.
  5. Get support! Use your friends, family or somebody else what your comfortable with. Share your goals with them and ask them to help you through this.

Now, I’m not saying this is what You need to do to get rid of stage fright (perhaps it’s not even a problem for you), but it worked for me and if you’re dreaming about overcoming your stage fright and are willing to try these tips, I’d say: What’s stopping you? Either it will help or it won’t, no matter what you haven’t lost a thing. Right? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, Beautiful! ♥︎

Kindest Regards,


Thank God for Kind Hearts

Hey Beautifuls!

Do you ever feel like there are two different kinds of people in this world? There are good people, with kind hearts, and there are those who only cares about themselves. Well, at least I’m thinking like there could be some sort of scale.

Me, I guess I’d be somewhere in the middle. I mean, I could be worse, but there are definitely some things I could work on too. I have ambitions, though. I would love to become a better person, especially after realizing what incredible individuals there are on this planet, and that it’s actually possible to be good.

There is this old man who always goes to the supermarket where I work. He walks ill, due to the alcoholic problem he had during the major part of his life. He’s either with his old-man-friends or on his own, and he tends to speak quite dirty at times. It’s no hard guess why he is as lonely as he is, so to say. I’m sure you see it as well.

Yet it is impossible not too feel sorry for him. It’s so obvious he’s in pain, and while he is it is also obvious to see that he regret the way he has been living his life. It’s even more difficult not to feel bad for him this time a year. Luckily, I happen to be colleagues with the woman with the biggest heart in town. She must have been working there since the beginning of time, just as long as he has been shopping there, and she has seen this man. That’s why she, once again, has decided to give him a basket of products from the supermarket which she has seen him buying.

I thought I was gonna cry when I heard this today. Isn’t that like the most beautiful gesture? I tell you, to me it really goes all the way into the heart. And that’s when I know that that is the kind of person I wanna be. The world could never get enough of people like that!

Maybe this year, it’s time we raise our heads and take a look just a little bit further away. Beyond the people we already know and beyond the people we always spoil with presents. Actually, you don’t even have to make food-baskets for everybody, you could just give them a smile and wish them a merry christmas. For all you know, that could be the light of the day!


I hope you’re well. If not, that is what I will wish for this Christmas.
Take care you Beautiful souls! ♥︎



Talking about Bus drivers…

Hello Beautifuls!

How are you these days? Busy? Not at all? Me, I have lots of projects going on, especially since Christmas is getting close! My mind is sorta multitasking, and when I try to do several things at one time I end up forgetting what I was doing. It’s a little messy in there I guess. My thoughts aren’t exactly being considered before I express myself (nothing unusual really, but still). This weekend, I wasn’t thinking at all.

I attended a leader-ship course in church (mainly about preventing abuse and assault on children and teenagers). The course was divided in three separate parts, one being a group discussion where each group got a made-up scenario to solve. My table had a situation on intercession.

20 year-old Tyler feels strongly this year to be a part of the intercession team. He has never done it before. You are not in the intercession team, but you have been watching Tyler during the services and noticed that many young girls tend to come to him. When the girls sit down next to him, he starts the act with removing some hair from their face with his fingers, looks deeply into their eyes the whole time, holds them close during the prayer and gives them a firm hug before saying goodbye. The girls feel happy and appreciated. 

The first question given to this situation was: Is this a problem or not? Of course it is a problem, we all agreed on that. When the course instructor wanted to hear our answers I was the one to motivate our thoughts. To explain why this was a problem, I wanted to use a clear example. “It may seem alright when 20 year-old Tyler does this, but what if this person would have been Bob, the 55 year-old bus driver? Would it have been okay if he’d have done the same thing? No, that would have been creepy…”

I assumed the rest of the people in the room understood my point. It was clear and concise. When I got home that day I realized something, though. Didn’t one of the scout leaders in that course mention he was working as a bus driver? Yes he did. Now he was 25 at the moment, but one day, wasn’t he gonna be the appalling 55 year-old bus driver I just described? Yes he was. O boy, what had I said…

I don’t know if he was any offended by that or if he even realized what I had said, but just realizing my mistake was awkward enough. What if I would start thinking before opening my mouth for a change? I could definitely use some practice. It’s not like it’s the first time I’m talking without thinking things through properly!

I know this may not be the most serious mistake ever, but I was still embarrassed from it. Poor bus driver… Well, better luck next time! I try to think of the positive aspects as much as possible. After all, I did learn something – don’t use clear examples before analyzing the members of the room! I also need to work on my thinking-before-talking skills, although that is gonna take longer. I heard something clever today, though. If you’ve read the Bible, you may have encountered it too, in Matthew 15:18: “But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.” Maybe if I stop thinking of bus drivers as something appalling (not that I do that a lot, this is also an example), I would never have to worry about saying such a thing? I think there’s much truth in that!

So what do you say, Beautifuls? Do you recognize the situation, talking without thinking? Well, if you do (otherwise this will just be a reminder to myself), try Matthew 15:18. Not only could it save you from awkward incidents, but make you a more positive person! I say give it a shot! ♥︎

Hang on there Beautifuls, 27 days till Christmas!



Why God Didn’t Make Life A Bed of Roses

Hey Beautifuls!

Having a good day? So far, I am. Yesterday was not so good, though. I don’t know why, really. Just that when one thing went wrong, everything started to go wrong. Do you recognize that? Well, it is so typical. And I, who don’t know what patience is, did not see myself having time for that!

In those situations I wish it would have been different. Not different even, I want everything to be easy! Like a bed of roses, that would have been perfect. But it’s not… Life is not fair and life will not always be easy, that’s simply how it is. Well, guess what Beautiful faces: there’s a reson why God didn’t make life a bed of roses! In fact, I’ve listed twenty of them. See it for yourselves! Especially if you’re having a tough day.

If life would have been easy all way through, you would never:

  1. Learn to stand up for what you believe in
  2. Learn to fight for your goals
  3. Be able to relate to your friend’s mishap
  4. Be able to understand your friend’s sorrow
  5. Be a good listener, ever (Yeah yeah, I try to listen to things I don’t understand too, but honestly if I realize I won’t get anything of the conversation I eventually stop listening) 
  6. Know what to live for, since everything in your life would have been perfect
  7. Know what your purpose of living really is
  8. Feel like giving up, then find that invincible strength inside of you that changes everything
  9. Grow! 
  10. Learn to overcome your fears
  11. Learn to accept challenges, or to recognize the good feeling of a pat on the back when being done
  12. Become independent
  13. Learn to appreciate the good days (you wouldn’t even know what a good day is!)
  14. Get the hottie you’ve been checking out, because you wouldn’t know that as long as you don’t do anything, nothing is gonna happen
  15. Have a juicy story to seduce the hottie with
  16. Get married – you didn’t get the hottie to fall for you
  17. Be able to start a family (or well, not the traditional way) – for that you would have needed the hottie
  18. Have grandchildren – you didn’t start a family
  19. Share your experiences to the people around you – they would be too busy with spoiling their own grandchildren AND you wouldn’t have any experiences to share anyways
  20. Be happy.

Quite tragic, isn’t it? Now, maybe your life won’t seem like such a disaster? I mean seriously: is a bed of roses boring or what?


That’s why God didn’t make life easy: it is simply for your own best. We need challenges to grow and to find willpower. We need the punches and the heartbreaks to grow, and we need the hard times to be able to appreciate the good ones. A bed of roses would never have made us the individuals we are today. A bed of roses breeds cowards and WAY less interesting people than us. Trust me, you don’t wanna be an uninteresting coward. That is like the worst of all cowards…

So Beautifuls, stay interesting! Keep fighting and keep growing. After all, that is what we’re doing here, isn’t it? Learning about life! Otherwise you’ve reached the wrong blog, honey! 😉 ♥︎

Your very own and constantly studying the motions of life,


21. Be able to stand up straight. Think of the thorns….


How to open and de-seed a Pomegranate!

Hey Beautifuls!

Is it possible to be addicted to something as precious as pomegranates? I’ve never heard of a pomegranate-addiction before, but honestly, I think I might have one. I just love these things. They’re red, beautiful and sweet, and full of surprises inside! I am just as excited every time I’m about to open one, because you never know how many new red juice spots will be added to your kitchen!

Although (and my mom might be the most grateful to this), I recently learned how to open a pomegranate in a simpler way, AND how to get the seeds out without squeezing them! Maybe my new skills are also in your interest? I’ll share my tips below! Still I must tell you: I watched this on a youtube video! Since I wasn’t bright enough to make it up myself…

Anyways, this is how to open AND how to de-seed a pomegranate.


Step 1: Use a knife and carefully make a long cut through the skin all around the fruit without cutting it in half. You don’t want the knife to get to the seeds.

Step 2: Get your fingers in there and split the fruit! Be careful, though, this is the messy part! After step 2, your halves should be looking like this.


Step 3: Slightly loosen it up a little bit by pulling the edges away from the middle. Try separating the different layers from each other.

Step 4: Place one of the pomegranate halves with the open (flat) side against the palm of your hand. Then use your free hand to beat the seeds out with a ladle or a wooden spoon (this part may also be a bit messy). A smart idea is to put a bowl under the pomegranate for the seeds to fall into.



Voila, there you go! You’ve successfully opened and de-seeded the pomegranate! Don’t worry if you didn’t get my perfectly detailed and patient guidance, youtube is full of clever tips!


Maybe you don’t have an addiction to pomegranates (yet), but if you ever come in contact with these pretty things, I hope this post have been useful to you! ♥︎

Take care!

Your Hair – The Worst Enemy of Them All

Hey Beautifuls!

Scary, isn’t it? That what is actually growing on your head is also what you should fear the most? Or maybe it’s only scary because you have no idea of what the heck I’m talking about? Sorry for that… I’ll explain my point!

When my best friend was twelve, she was probably the shyest twelve-year-old in the country. In fact, she was so shy it eventually made her decide to turn her life completely in-side-out. So one day, she said: “the end with hunching, the end with keeping your mouth shut and the end with hiding behind your hair!” Do you know what she did? She straightened up, started talking and cut her hair short. The last one must have been the hardest to go through with. She had gorgeous hair! Although it was also the one that appeared to be the most efficient way to go. Suddenly she had nothing to hide behind anymore. She had to face her fears, which made her the person she is today.

I keep marveling at how brave she was doing such a thing. I don’t consider myself particularly insecure, but it would take lots of guts of me to do the same thing. I mean, I like my hair! I think it suits me and I feel pretty letting it hang over my shoulders. Cutting it off actually would make me way more uncomfortable being around people than at the moment. Isn’t that funny? I’m only confident as long as I have my hair. That is why I don’t think that the security only was in my friend’s hair; but in all of our hairs!

Agree with me or don’t, but I think it’s true. Changing hairstyles is not only about trying a new look – it’s about breaking comfort zones! I have friends who tend to dye their hair, variate lengths, try bangs or shave one part of their head, and to be honest – they are more comfortable with stepping outside of their bubbles than, let’s say: me. I like trying new things as well, but when it comes to leaving my comfort zone, I’m more tempted to chicken out than to pursue with it. If I were forced to face my fears, like my friend who didn’t have anything to hide behind anymore (and I would change my hairstyle more than just cutting the edges), I think I’d actually be more self-confident! And real confidence should come from inside of you. It shouldn’t be in your hair!

So Beautifuls, if you think you might be like me, maybe you should make a bet with yourself and do as my friend did: change it. Cut it off! When you’ll be able to pull off any hairstyle, no one could ever defeat you!

Of course, you’d better want to change it a little bit too… Well, think about it! I’m sure I will.

Now have an amazing weekend you beautiful creatures! ♥︎

Yours Truthfully,



Caught in a bad circle

Hey Beautifuls,

Do you know what? I’m such an interesting person sometimes. I actually mean it, I think I’m a fascinating human being in many ways, although also somewhat negatively speaking. Usually, I know exactly what I should be focusing on to improve my well-being, but I don’t do anything about it. Funny, huh?

I’m too lazy, that’s the main reason (and the only reason) I could think of. I eat too much sugar, I should go for healthier meals. SHOULD. Then when Monday comes, and I have decided to start eating healthy, I tell myself that it’s not important to start right away today. Actually, why do I need healthier food? I’m not that bad! I could start working out again. Yeah, I think I should do that. SHOULD… Then it goes like that, over and over again. Do you see the circle?

I gotta be honest to myself too, though: my physical health is not my worst problem at the moment. Unfortunately, I could be better at taking care of myself mentally. I’m the kind of person who works efficiently and properly, if I’m doing something I’m going for it wholeheartedly, otherwise there’s no point in doing it. Moreover, I’m the kind of person who could be better at saying no, not because I’m weak but because I want to do everything. Clean the shelves by the pastries – I can do it! Join our band – Sure! Set me up for the Christmas Choir – it sounds like fun! Plan the Friday activity in church – Count on me!

It’s funny, it doesn’t sound like much work when I agree to do it. Well, that would be if they came once at a time. Eventually, all together I realize I have quite a lot of work. And you know me – if I’m doing something I prefer doing it wholeheartedly. That means I’m gonna have to find that energy again, which mostly goes away by the thought of all the work I’m facing.

Still, I know I do this. I know it’s been too much before, but I continue saying yes to everything. Boy, what is taking so long?

I don’t know if you need to hear this, but I know I need to hear it: STAY STRONG! Be harsh on yourself, make sure you won’t give in like that! You know it won’t make you feel good, so just stop it. NOW. It’s not that hard! You just gotta find that willpower of yours and stick to it.

Break the circle. Get rid of bad routines and take care of yourselves, once and for all. If it’s difficult, try to imagine what it’d be like to live with somebody that’s constantly miserable for the rest of your life. Because Beautifuls, you’re gonna have to live with yourselves for the rest of your lives.

So if you’re caught in a bad circle: get out of it. Especially if you’re aware of it like I am! Be good to yourselves. ♥︎

With love,



When Judging by Others Opinions

Hey Beautifuls!

There are a few things in this world that I think is rather given, unwritten facts, so to say. These could be for instance “don’t kill people”, “we all are equal on this planet” and so on, but also “don’t judge a person from what others say – make your own judgement”. I’d say I’m pretty good at that. I don’t care about what other people say about a person, I care about my own impression of him/her! – And my nose just grew three inches.

There is this guy at work. He is real nice and talks with everyone, actually a typical nice person! I liked him a lot. Liked. Until I heard my co-workers arguing that he is SO SLOW WHEN TALKING and the fact that it’s SO ANNOYING. I didn’t think he was slow. Of course I couldn’t just forget about what I’d heard the next time I saw him, I had to listen for the slow-talking! Wait. Yep, there it was. They were right, it is annoying.

And so they had me changing my mind. Naturally I didn’t think of it at first, but then I realized that I had gone from thinking him being nice to him being annoying. “Well observed” – I know, but crazy enough we appear to see much less than we want to believe sometimes, at least I know I do.

It was the same thing with this girl in High School. It was a new city to me and I didn’t know anybody, so I had to get to know my classmates to see what kind of people they were. Of course I didn’t connect with everybody, but most of them were nice anyways. The first months I hung out with quite different people, one of them being this girl, that I also thought was pretty okay.

The more weeks passed, the more people started talking about her, though. Sure, I had noticed she was a bit special from the rest of the students, having a differing temperament due to the ADHD and the ability to say less suitable things to people, but didn’t they understand that it wasn’t her intention to insult anybody? Apparently not. People sorta started to back off, focusing on their own friends. It’s not like they treated her childishly or anything, only they didn’t hang out with her unless the were obliged to. The tension was in the air every time she was around, and in time it had affected me as well. I was no better than the rest of them.

Isn’t that funny? I tell myself I’m such a good person and that at least I know how to make an own judgement, yet I stand there, listening to what others think. But don’t come and tell me I’m alone with that. If you can say that you don’t care about others opinions, that’s great. However, then you’d better make sure that you’re not exactly like me. Because I for real thought that I could say the same. I was wrong.

Beautifuls, maybe we could work on this together? To try real hard to remember not to let us be affected by what other people say. If we won’t judge the book by it’s cover, we won’t judge a person by others opinions! Deal? Great. ♥︎

Have a nice day!

Pull yourself together and Get up

Hey Beautifuls!

What do you do when somebody pushes you down? Do you stay down, start to convince yourself that you like the view better from there and become one with the ground? Or do you pull yourself together and get up again?

Naturally you get up. Maybe you wait until this somebody has gone, but you get up. I mean, you can’t stay down there forever, can you? That wouldn’t make any sense. The question is, Beautifuls: when something pushes you down, then what do you do?

Of course I don’t mean like a huge block of ice would fall down from the roof and hit you in the head (although that was only a few inches away from happening to me). Only sometimes, I feel like mental pain could have just the same effect as physical pain. When I realize I have too many things to do, it literally feels as if I would be wearing a backpack loaded with bricks. And when something happens, that I could never prepare myself for, it brings me to the ground just like somebody would have pushed me down.

It’s hard to get up again when you’re being held down by a load of bricks. What you need to do is to take off the backpack, put your hands on the ground in front of you and get up. Take some time to pull yourself together, find the right methods. Then face it.

Cause Beautifuls, we meet all kinds of weathers. Sunny summer afternoons to chilly storms, but nothing will ever be something that you can’t overcome. Yes we stumble, yes we fall, but that’s simply a part of life. When life gets tough, you might wanna let yourself being pushed down, you might wanna let yourself stay down. I say don’t. Again, take the time you need to pull yourself together. Find the right methods. – What do you need to be able to do this? When you’re ready, go into the storm and get it over with, once and for all. It’s not gonna hold you down anymore. ♥︎

Stay Beautiful,