Once You Look up From The Screen

Hey Beautifuls!

Long time no see, huh?

I can’t help thinking this being a little bit ironic, since I ended my previous post with the words: “see you soon”. Well, I’m sorry, but I hope you’ve been well and that you’ve had a great Christmas and New Years and everything else that has been happening since last time. I know I have, and I guess that is the main reason why I haven’t exactly been around recently. I’ve encountered new things in life that has made me forget about the computer. Long story short, I happened to look up from the screen to go and explore the world beyond it. And I tell you, I found some pretty awesome things…

Every New Years, the churches around the neighborhood arrange an annual ski-camp for teenagers between 13 and 17 years old. Me, now being 19, accompanied as a leader, but also as a member of the band playing on the evening services. In this band, there was a certain guy which I got to know during this week. And he, well… There is no way to make this sound not-cliche: get ready to hear something real cheesy!

This guy is just as sweet as you’d picture the sweetest guy on earth being. He is loving and caring and when somebody seems a little blue, he always make sure to check in on them. His eyes are in the most beautiful light brown color, and every time he looks at me I feel like I’m about to melt (not to mention when he smiles). When he’s not around I miss him, but when I’m right next to him I wanna be even closer. It’s crazy!

One morning, our band was gonna wake the teenagers up. Since he and this other guy from the band was sleeping in a separate room where nobody would mind the alarm start ringing, he got to wake me up so that no one else in our room would wake up. I remember feeling a gentle hand on my shoulder and then somebody whispering my name (now here comes the cheese, Beautifuls…), and when I opened my eyes to meet his beautiful face, I knew that vision was the vision I would want to be the first thing to see every morning for the rest of my life. So, I haven’t known this guy for more than a month and now I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him? – True.

I have never felt anything like this before. It’s like when he talks about the future, I see myself sharing it with him. When I’m thinking of what I want to do this fall, go back to studying or keep working, I always have him in mind. I think of him as my life partner, which is totally insane because it’s not even set if he looks at me in the same way as I look at him or not. It just, it feels right, given even. As if it is ment to be… Sorta like I imagine love being in the movies! That’s why I’m also afraid it is too good to be true, and that I’m about to get seroiusly hurt.

But how could it ever feel so right if it wasn’t? No, there’s got to be something there. However, things ain’t gonna happen on their own. It’s time to face it that if you’re gonna win you’re gonna have stop dreaming and go out there, be brave and take risks! AND: look up from the screen once in a while! Because Beautifuls, your babe is out there, either you’ve found him/her or not. But you may not get a second chance, so seize the moment and don’t let anybody else get there first! For all you know you may give something amazing up. You wouldn’t wanna risk that, would you?

So Be Brave, Beautifuls! Be spontaneous and take risks! What have you even got to lose? Nothing! Only lots to win… ♥︎

Live your life as if it’s worth something. Because it is…
Your Lissy



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