Thank God for Kind Hearts

Hey Beautifuls!

Do you ever feel like there are two different kinds of people in this world? There are good people, with kind hearts, and there are those who only cares about themselves. Well, at least I’m thinking like there could be some sort of scale.

Me, I guess I’d be somewhere in the middle. I mean, I could be worse, but there are definitely some things I could work on too. I have ambitions, though. I would love to become a better person, especially after realizing what incredible individuals there are on this planet, and that it’s actually possible to be good.

There is this old man who always goes to the supermarket where I work. He walks ill, due to the alcoholic problem he had during the major part of his life. He’s either with his old-man-friends or on his own, and he tends to speak quite dirty at times. It’s no hard guess why he is as lonely as he is, so to say. I’m sure you see it as well.

Yet it is impossible not too feel sorry for him. It’s so obvious he’s in pain, and while he is it is also obvious to see that he regret the way he has been living his life. It’s even more difficult not to feel bad for him this time a year. Luckily, I happen to be colleagues with the woman with the biggest heart in town. She must have been working there since the beginning of time, just as long as he has been shopping there, and she has seen this man. That’s why she, once again, has decided to give him a basket of products from the supermarket which she has seen him buying.

I thought I was gonna cry when I heard this today. Isn’t that like the most beautiful gesture? I tell you, to me it really goes all the way into the heart. And that’s when I know that that is the kind of person I wanna be. The world could never get enough of people like that!

Maybe this year, it’s time we raise our heads and take a look just a little bit further away. Beyond the people we already know and beyond the people we always spoil with presents. Actually, you don’t even have to make food-baskets for everybody, you could just give them a smile and wish them a merry christmas. For all you know, that could be the light of the day!


I hope you’re well. If not, that is what I will wish for this Christmas.
Take care you Beautiful souls! ♥︎




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