Ten Pictures That Will Make You Go to Scandinavia

Hey Beautifuls!

Have you ever been to Scandinavia? Sometimes I get the impression like this is a part of the world that we tend to forget. Why go to Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm when you could visit Paris, Rome or Madrid? And why visit the forest, when you could go to a nice beach by the Mediterranean? Well, guess what: I’m gonna give you ten reasons why! Because believe it or not, but Scandinavia is really the place to be!

A few years ago, my family decided to go to Norway. Being in Norway, we wanted to have a look on the incredible nature. In Norway, there are some attractions marked on the map with amazing views. One of them being Trollstigen


And another one being the nice little town Geiranger, beautifully located by the feet of the mountains,

And the Geiranger Fiord.


But simply going through Norway in the right hour may lead you to this view:



Maybe you’ll cross the border and spend a few days in Kiruna, the northernmost city of Sweden? And maybe, the snow has not even left the mountains before the summer begins…


Nor has the ice disappeared from the lakes.


Whereas, in the southern parts of Sweden, the landscape is summerly green. And the fields are either a beautiful, flowery vision for the eye…


Or a delicious dinner for a cow.


Or you know, for other animals.


Still not persuaded? Possibly after reading these interesting facts!

No way you could say no to visit a place…
1) Where the highest mountain in the country measures 560 feet above sea level and is in fact a hill. (Denmark)
2) Where you can see the sun 24 hours a day. (summertime in the north parts of Norway and Sweden)
3) Where you can spot northern lights in the winter. (Norway, Sweden)
4) Where you can walk into any kind of forest, meadow or whatever, almost anywhere you’d like without permission thanks to an existing law (Norway, Sweden). This law also allows you to pick wild fruits and flowers, as long as the species aren’t endangered.
5) Where they still have a royal family. (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
6) That owns Greenland. (Denmark)
7) Where polar bears live. (Svalbard, Norway)
8) Which brought Ikea, Volvo and Avicii to the world. (Sweden)
9) Where the citizens consume the most coffee in the world (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
10) From which the vikings actually originated and still has ruins (and stones) perserved from that time (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) !


Now what do you say? Worth a visit or not?

Well, I thought it was! I love beautiful landscapes, which Scandinavia has lots of, and the air is totally fresh! The cities may not be as massive as London or New York. Instead they offer a familiar atmosphere and good shopping.  ♥︎

See you in Scandinavia, Beautifuls!



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