Let There Be Music!

Hello Beautifuls!

So, I woke up to the most beautiful, white landscape outside my window this morning. Snow! Everywhere and all around; it must have been snowing all night!

It’s interesting. Where I live, snow is nothing we take for granted anymore. I guess global warming is one of the villains in this, but as I’ve heard, climate is always changing. There by, the word “winter” is more often referred to darkness and depression than snow and light. It’s actually a word we use around here: winter depression, because as soon as the nights become a little longer, the mornings get darker and so does the afternoons, and a thick cloud is covering the sky between these hours, people tend to turn a little blue. In some cases, VERY BLUE.

Me, I thought this was just nonsense until last year. There was no snow at all. Only rain, wind and darkness. I mean, seriously: where had the snow gone to? I was getting impatient, then I felt let down, then depressed as well. That’s why this morning, I felt some extra hope for the humanity! Today is gonna be a good day, that’s what I told myself, and honestly I believe in it!


There are plenty of things going on these days. This afternoon, my church is gonna hold a Christmas party. We’ll start up with a service, a choir (in which I am participating) will be singing, a short sketch about the birth of Christ will be played, then everybody is gonna go and eat together, dance around the Christmas tree and then we’re sorta just gonna stick around and wait for Santa Clause. I know this is mainly for the kids, but I can’t help feeling a little excited as well!

It’s gonna be a nice party, I’m sure of that! Although, I have some rehearsing to do. You see, this is not the only Christmas party I will be singing at. Next Wednesday, there is another one. Then there’s Christmas Eve in Church again, and a week after that I will be joining a New Years Camp with more than 300 teenagers and young adults, leaders as myself included, where there are gonna be short ceremonies in the evenings. I’m in the band, and since we want there to be at least some variation, we have about 15 songs to rehears. I’d be lying if I’d say we weren’t working our hands off! Because you know, can’t really work your ass off when all you’re using are your hands! Blink, blink? No? Okay, sorry for my bad joke!

Despite of the amount of work, I’m actually looking forward to all this. Music haven’t been as big part of my life lately as I would have wanted it to be. Now, just like that, I have projects going on all December! Honestly, I feel very blessed! Music is just so emotional, so personal. I’m touched to my very heart every time it surrounds me!

Now, what about you, Beautifuls? Are you in a choir? In a band? Or a great listener of music maybe? I think it’s nearly impossible to exclude music from your life, so I’m sure you have some connection to it!

So, let there be music! ♫

And let it ring, all the way till Christmas. Fifteen days to go, Beautifuls…




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