Christmas Shopping!

Hey Beautifuls!

How’s it going? Got started yet?

I’m nearly a bit scared to say this (because then I’ll remember I’ve forgotten something), but I think I made my last purchases today… (!)

We went shopping my entire family actually. Mom and dad went by themselves and my brother and I decided to go together. It was a good day. Christmas trees in every store, lights twinkling in more shades than I knew existed and, naturally, Santa Clause in the middle of the mall. Let’s just say the children was rather drawn to this point of the building!

It was impossible not to notice the Christmasy atmosphere. Or the masses of people for the record, that also had decided to go Christmas shopping today… Well yeah, It was pretty crowded. But somehow that’s Christmas too!


So, I found a nice jacket, some earplugs and a hand cream. The thing with my family these days is that we buy our own gifts and then switch with each other. It may sound boring, but that way everyone gets what they want!

Although, I’ve found some unexpected gifts as well. Like a whole box of my dad’s favorite candy, or a nice set of headphones for my cousin. Now all I have to do is wrapping it in (which is gonna take a while), but to be honest I think this is the best part! I get to be creative, which I like, and the gifts always turn out very pretty! Or well, almost always. Sometimes it looks more like a colorful, ball of news paper pages, but you can’t score every time, right?

However, I’m gonna do my best! ♥︎

Wish me good luck!



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