What I Do When I Don’t Do Anything

Hey Beautifuls!

How are you these days?

Christmas is doubtlessly the most busy time of the year, for everyone, I think. But there’s gotta be some time when you’re off school or work and you don’t have anything in specific to do? Can I ask you something? – What do you do then really?

You know I’m a very busy person (how could you forget, I tell you all the time…), which means when I’m finally free, I don’t want to believe it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I spend the first half hour trying to figure out what I have forgotten. “There has to be something I’m supposed to do, this isn’t logical!” Then I realize I’m actually completely off duty. That’s when I shout out of joy, and make myself some pancakes!

When having eaten the pancakes I go to my room, find out it looks like a total mess in there and tell myself I should clean it up. Then what do I end up doing? Telling myself that cleaning is boring and I don’t wanna do that right now!

So my safari around the house begins. What’s there to do? My friends are working or studying, so I can’t call any of them. It’s cold and rainy out side (BTW if you want tips on what to do on a rainy day you should go and check this out!) so I think I want to stay indoors. Think. Yeah, I keep thinking. It’s not like I would have somebody to talk to. It’s quite lonely indoors. I’m alone. Is my life always this lonely? No, only at the moment.

It’s funny, because any other day of the week, all I’d wish for would be a day off. Now that I have it… BOY IS IT HARD TO THINK OF ANYTHING TO DO! I walk around the house, have a look into the different rooms, go to the bathroom, open the door to the refrigerator, turn on a episode of friends and stay there until I’ve seen at least five of them. Then I go to the bathroom again. (It’s true – I’ve come to see a certain pattern. The days I’m free, at home, I use the bathroom way more times than on the days I do stuff. I’m pretty sure this is a side-effect of not having anything to do!)

But at least I don’t do nothing. I do a lot of things when I don’t do anything! All the things I just told you, some days I might even clean a little? Or take an extra tour around the house! Well, I know, impressive but yeah, that’s what I do!

Now, what about you, Beautifuls? What do you do when you say you don’t to anything?  Let me know! I know you all do something… ♥︎

Kindest Regards,
Your lil’ Miss Lissy

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9 thoughts on “What I Do When I Don’t Do Anything

  1. Haha! Take an extra tour around the house!!! 🙂 Enjoyable post!!!

    I like spending time with my husband, but if he isn’t free, and I’m not in my hometown to visit with family/friends. I crochet, play games, read, clean (haha, I’m bad at consistency), and sometimes write more. 🙂

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